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What is Heilkunst?
Heilkunst is a German term which when translated means, 'The Art of Making one Whole'.  It is a system of medicine that is rooted in the work of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy.   It is a principled approach to curing acute and chronic conditions, which adheres to the laws mandated by nature, ensuring the Hippocratic Oath, to do no harm.
Our body is made up of energy and matter. In order to maintain a state of health our physical body as well as our energetic body (life force/energy body) must be well balanced and free of disease energies.
We are trained from a young age to take care of our physical body, that which we can see and touch, and to ignore or disregard that which we can't. Heilkunst treatment seeks to remind us of what we innately know, that both aspects are important and must be within our focus.
Our bodies communicate with us by producing symptoms which alert us that something is amiss and that a change needs to be made. Sometimes, the changes need to happen on the physical level, by altering our lifestyle or sometimes our dynamic nature needs to be liberated, through energetic medicine, in order to restore us to a state of health.
Treatment modalities that work by suppressing or palliating the symptoms, while failing to acknowledge both the physical body and the life force, will be unsuccessful at attaining and sustaining a true cure, and will ultimately exasperate the condition of the patient.   
The Three Realms of Heilkunst Treatment:
Therapeutic Regimen:
Regimen is a term a Heilkunstler uses to refer to the lifestyle of the patient.  It includes:  nutrition, hydration, dormition and recreation.
All of the areas of a patient's life are discussed in order to eliminate imbalances and to strengthen the physical and energetic body in preparation for the use of energetic medicine (remedies).
The approach is to look at a patient's individual needs based on their unique biochemistry, and cater a lifestyle plan that works especially for their body.
Nutrition:  The best nutrition is determined by looking at the patient's metabolic, glandular and blood types while taking into account any food sensitivities, preferences and aversions.
The quality of the food will be looked at to see which foods contain the highest energy content in order to feed the life force. Foods with the greatest hydrogen transfer contain the most orgone energy (energy before matter) and have the most benefit.  An increased consumption of foods with high orgone energy equals an increased supply of life energy.
Hydration: The purpose of water is to hydrate the cells of the physical body, ensuring proper bodily functioning, while aiding in detoxification.  The quality of the water is determined by how much life energy it contains.   High quality water gives the life force an infusion of orgone energy resulting in a greater sense of wellness and vitality.
Dormition:  It is important to determine the appropriate amount of sleep for the patient in order to ensure proper immune function.
Recreation:  The patient is encouraged to participate in activities that they enjoy in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.  
Therapeutic Medicine:
A remedy is made by taking a substance found in nature and placing it in water.  The water is stirred (dynamized) in order to liberate the medicinal energy of the substance into the water.  A drop of the dynamized water is taken and diluted with plain water in order to make a particular potency.  Once completed the energetic entity (remedy) is ready to be given to the patient.
Every remedy used by a Heilkunstler is associated with a known state of mind and known symptoms.  In order to determine what remedy a patient needs the physician must look at the state of mind of a patient and match it to the state of mind that the remedy produces.
The Heilkunstler seeks to find the closest simillimum (the remedy that is the most similar).  This is the law of cure.  When the strength of the remedy is slightly greater than the energy of the disease, and the state of mind is a match, the remedy will destroy the disease and render a cure.   
The cure to chronic conditions is found when removing their causes. This is done systematically, by working down through a person's timeline of traumas, which acts like a map leading to the cause and to the cure.
Each patient will be asked to create a timeline which contains the traumas of their life.  The timeline will include traumas of a physical and emotional nature (surgeries, vaccines, death of family members, divorce etc.) and will be listed chronologically starting with the most current first.
Each event impinges upon the life energy of the patient, causing weakness and susceptibility to disease and imbalance.  One by one, all diseases stemming from these traumas will be energetically destroyed using remedies.  Gradually, the patient will feel themselves become stronger and healthier as the process continues.  Their symptoms will disappear and a healthy state of mind will surface.
Therapeutic Education:
False beliefs and fear about the world and our place in it, hold us back from reaching our truest potential and fulfilling our divine purpose. Heilkunst seeks to destroy the false beliefs by shedding light on the truth. Fear is replaced by love.

 How might I benefit from Heilkunst treatment?
Therapeutic Regimen:
  • Do you need help weeding through the many diet plans?  Determine what nutrition works best for your individual biochemistry.
  • Do you want to have more energy and feel more rested?
  • Are you tired of taking dozens of supplements?
Therapeutic Medicine:
  • Are you tired of taking pharmaceutical drugs and want a safe and effective alternative?
  • Do you want to free yourself from toxic side effects and debilitating symptoms?
  • Do you want to stop managing symptoms?
Therapeutic Education:
  • Are you looking to explore the deeper meaning of your life and your life circumstances?
  • Are you looking to let go of old, unproductive patterns?
  • Are you plagued with false beliefs and thoughts like, "I am not good enough", or "I am not worthy of love", that work as a road block to your success. 
  • Do you want to know the TRUTH about disease?
  • Are you searching to discover your purpose?

What is the difference between Heilkunst and Homeopathy?
Homeopathy seeks to eliminate symptoms.  This works well in acute situations or during flare-ups of chronic conditions.  This is done by looking at the symptom picture and producing a single remedy to fit all of the symptoms.  
Heilkunst seeks to eliminate the chronic condition by destroying its cause, using homotonic remedies, bringing relief from all symptoms, through cure. A Heilkunstler will prescribe one remedy for each disease present.  Heilkunst also uses homeopathic  medicine to deal with acute situation and flare-ups of chronic conditions, while working through the process.   
Only once the cause of the condition has been removed can we rest assured that the symptoms will not return.

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