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Bipolar Disorder:

"In addition to struggling with bipolar disorder, I was often dealing with a variety of ailments and injuries both physical and emotional. When Laura first explained the practice of Heilkunst, I was skeptical. Now, after years of being supported by Laura's work, I truly appreciate the way Heilkunst addresses the roots of problematic patterns. I feel great and am able to enjoy the kind of life I was once unsure would even be possible for me. My emotions are balanced and I am no longer hostage to the extreme highs and lows of bipolar. As blockages are removed, space is created for healing and I develop an increasingly clearer sense of how to take charge of own health."  


Precancerous lesion:

“I was diagnosed with anal intraepithelial neoplasia. I was told it was high grade (stage 2) and precancerous (grade 4 is cancer). I was terrified this would develop into cancer.

The gastroenterologist and my surgeon both advised that it should be cut out, which meant extremely painful and lengthy recovery not too mention having to be put under anesthesia for day surgery.

I came to Laura and we made a plan together. I followed the plan and took my remedies. I am writing this one month later, (ONE!) after having just been examined. The lesion is no longer present.

If you have ever questioned Heilkunst Homeopathy, please consider my story and give it a try. What’s better, just waiting around doing the same thing - nothing- or taking the leap of faith with a trusted and extremely gifted and knowledgeable soul? Thank you Laura!”

Susan J.

Lyme disease:

"My husband was diagnosed with Lyme in October 2013. The years that followed were plagued with countless doctors, specialists, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, time missed from work, diminished quality of life. His symptoms included joint pain & swelling, recurrent staph infection, shortness of breath, air hunger, debilitating fatigue, anxiety. We felt like we had exhausted all options. His appendix ruptured in July 2016, and his recurrent staph infection made another appearance, followed by cellulitis. We were frustrated and exhausted; we just wanted him to feel better. He started seeing Laura in October 2016. We created his (extensive) timeline and continue to work through each entry under her care. Rick is happy to report that he is feeling better now than ever before. I have watched Rick’s transformation and am so grateful for Laura’s expertise and intuition. We are eager (but patient!) to see what completing his timeline will bring for Rick’s quality of life!"  

Meredyth Hertel

"After being diagnosed with Lyme disease four years ago, I was left with a difficult decision to make, either be pressured into taking large doses of antibiotics that might further complicate my health issues or take a more natural approach and begin Heilkunst treatment.

I was experiencing horribly debilitating symptoms of: joint swelling and stiffness, sensations of bugs crawling on my skin, night terrors, heaviness in my arms and legs, forgetfulness, brain fog, lack of attention and focus, tingling sensations accompanied by shooting pains, weakness, lethargy, constipation, back pain and insomnia.

Currently, all of my symptoms have resolved with the exception of my insomnia and occasional joint swelling. If it were not for Miss Laura, I would not be where I am today. If you have a choice between antibiotics or a more natural approach, my recommendation would be to explore Heilkunst."

Donna T.

Autism and ADHD and behavioral issues:

These improvements were reported by the mom of a patient on the autism spectrum while updating the progress he had made since his last appointment four weeks prior. These changes occurred after reversing a vaccine trauma.

  • "His speech therapist is amazed at his progress since the end of last school year.
  • He has greatly improved in reciprocal communication.
  • He is asking more questions.
  • He doesn’t carry his blanket with him wherever he goes.
  • He doesn’t always need something in his hands like he used to.
  • He records his own videos doing different tasks or fun things and he wants others to be involved in the videos so he will ask you questions or tell you what to do when he has the camera on you.
  • He appears more relaxed. He isn’t as anxious all the time.
  • One day, he said to me, “Mom, I got to go with daddy. I’ll see you later.” His dad was going to run errands and usually he always wants to stay home so this was exciting to see.
  • Academically, he is beginning to have more of an interest in learning.
  • He can spell about ten words now when I ask him to spell them orally.
  • He can write all of his alphabet and numbers. He sometimes gets the S and Z mixed around.
  • He is doing basic math, addition and subtraction by using his fingers.
  • He is writing out the words that he knows how to spell.
  • He appears more present.
  • He enjoys playing with other kids.
  • He is saying “I love you, mom or dad” spontaneously now.
  • He helps with his brother and sister.
  • More independent.
  • Overall, he appears more neuro-typical. I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but I can tell that he is healing."


“He finished packet 2 about 2 weeks ago. He didn't have any reaction to that one that we could see. We do, however see that his focus and language have both improved over the past 2 weeks. At school, his speech pathologist commented that he spontaneously approached her, tapped her on the shoulder and said, "I want music, please". :)

At home we have noticed great things!! More engaged, more focused, more language. He is making more eye contact recently and for longer periods of time. It's almost like when he locks in eye to eye with me I feel like he is somehow trying to make up for lost time. He stares and smiles for a long time. I LOVE it! This morning something very exciting happened with B for the 1st time. He woke up before anyone this morning and went down stairs. I quickly followed him and as I was walking down the stairs I could see him sitting on the couch so I said, "hi, B". He looked at me, smiled and said, "I love you". He has never initiated that before. We always tell him we love him and he always repeats the last word we say back to us, "you". "

Liz G.

"I brought my family to Laura at Heilkunst and Homeopathy Center of Maine back in March 2017. My plan was to have both my children and myself treated. I had seen a homeopath once before. However, nothing could compare to the treatment I would soon discover with Laura.

My son is my oldest and he had major anxiety issues and was also diagnosed with Asperger’s. At the time, he struggled with many different things. Anyone who knows or has a child on the spectrum can understand that there are many different pieces to the puzzle when it comes to the Autism spectrum. Laura has helped tremendously with his outbursts and frustrations. His anxiety was transformed and even though sometimes it is still visible, it is managed, and it has a lot less of an impact on his day.

My daughter had a lot of anger issues embedded inside her. They would come out every now and again and I would question what I was supposed to do with my child. She would get so worked up and upset and it seemed as if it took allof her energy to get through an episode of anger. She would be exhausted!

Laura helped so much in identifying what was happening with her and treating her timeline to address these issues. She was so angry sometimes that it seemed like she was being taken over by a monster. I later learned after being educated by Laura, that this was disease energy that was taking over and my sweet, caring daughter was indeed still there!

Laura always makes me feel like there is hope. When you feel like you are sinking and that no one can help you, she can. She has helped me in so many ways with myself and my children.

She also treated me. I am an adult and I have a lot more things on my timeline than my children. Homeopathy is a path. It’s not an overnight fix. This is a journey with Laura. She has helped me overcome things that have affected one third of my life. Working through my timeline with Laura has given me the tools to work through things individually and chronologically.

Laura listens and really hears you. I have spent many hours with doctors for myself and my children. I have never met anyone who is able to listen the way she does and actually comprehend everything you are saying. Then to be able to put everything in motion and see results...that’s what you get when you are with Laura.

I recommended anyone who would like to further educate themselves or treat themselves homeopathically to Laura. She is amazing."

Patti D.

"I met Laura by word-of-mouth about 7 years ago when she was running a support group for parents with children on the spectrum. I was immediately taken with her comfort and competency with the subject and ease in working with the mother's present. Soon I was struck with not just her strong knowledge base but natural intuitive sense for trouble shooting problems and pulling ideas together for individualized cases. This skill of a true healer has carried smoothly into a natural progression of healing and awakening the potential of the common theme of autism amongst our modern children via Heilkunst.

My son and I began working with Laura and Heilkunst as soon as she was able to begin her own case load. It seemed as if she had been at it her whole life and I easily and immediately trusted her with the many details and traumas of our lives that needed addressing.

Each time a remedy is taken for a particular dental treatment it is followed by a distinct "healing reaction" which often manifested with an intensification of neck stiffness or pain followed by a significant or complete elimination of the pain.

When working with my son there would often be an intensification of his emotional body or "autistic symptoms" followed by an new "opening" or new freedom or peace in his ability to be with others or express himself. After certain other remedies there was a burst where he would suddenly be able to participate in school in a way not previously observed."

Shelly E.

"Laura has been beyond exceptional for our family! Clearing my son’s timeline has not been an easy task at times, but Laura has always been available to us when going through these difficult times with helpful solutions and a positive demeanor. I have even reached out to her on weekends and holidays with almost an instant reply. She has also been so kind to provide me with other indispensable information and/or resources on our journey while working with her, such as recipes and other dietary information that has been both helpful for her boys as well as her other clients. Laura's level of compassion and empathy towards us has been out-of-this-world. You can definitely tell that she loves what she does and enjoys helping other families heal on multiple levels. Overall, this experience of working with Laura at the Heilkunst and Homeopathy Center of Maine has been great and I would definitely recommend her to those that are interested in trying Heilkunst for their child with autism!"


The following three excerpts are taken from email updates from Autism parents. Shared with their permission:

  • "I hope that your Memorial weekend went well. We sure had a blast here. I just wanted to let you know that things have been a little bit surreal around here lately...lots of good stuff happening! A few weeks ago, we took our kids to an indoor play place, which K generally just sits with us and watches his brother and sister play. Well, it is not that way so much anymore. He now makes his way up in the tubes and interacts with other children that he doesn't know!! He still has some fear with going down the slides and if it gets too loud or overwhelming then he will come back down and sit with us, but this is great progress! His bowel movements are becoming more regular as well. One week, he had a bowel movement three days in a row (and on one of those days, he had two bowel movements)!! That hasn't happened in years. I have been rubbing Ancient Minerals magnesium oil on his feet when he will let me so I think that it is helping him a little bit. There has been improvements with his communication as well. We were fishing at the lake the other day, when his brother and sister wanted to go play on the playground equipment nearby. We made our way over there, and K sat with us for the first few minutes, acting as if he wasn't sure if he wanted to play on the equipment. Finally, he turned to look at me and said, "Oh, forget it!" Saying it as if he was talking to the fear that keeps repeating in his head. He also told me about a dream that he had, which he has never done before. Overall, we are seeing some great things. I am so excited to do the rest of his vaccine clears because I think that we are really going to see some great improvements with those."

  • "Here's an update on things we have been seeing: More language! Asking more questions & following story lines in books. He calls me, "Princess Mommy" On Easter he woke up and said, "Egg hunt!" and he actually went outside and looked for eggs. He has a fear around certain calendars. At swimming class last Tuesday the April Calendar was really scaring him. That night at bed time I asked him, "what was scaring you at swimming today?" And he answered, "The calendar is scary". He has never been able to verbalize his fear in that way before. He would always say, "calendar all done". He wants to ride his bike and asks to do so. Still waiting for the gross motor gains so that he will actually be able to ride his bike. Right now he gladly sits on it and waits to be pushed around. He wanted to go outside the other day. I told him he needed socks before he could go out. He took it upon himself to go upstairs to his room, get 2 socks, bring them back to me. Again, doesn't seem like much but before he would not have been able to do this. He is a kid who has always been attached to his ipad/tv/laptop. Yesterday he "played" at the easel - erased it unprompted (doesn't sound like much but he has NEVER touched the easel before). He has never liked stickers, yesterday he pulled each Peppa Pig sticker off the paper and stuck them onto the cable box. He walked down the hall with a large blue tote over his head and said, "hide & seek". All these things may seem small and insignificant but for us we are noticing so many new and wonderful things. More than I can put into words. It is very exciting!"

  • "A’s teacher called me just to share a sweet story of how she is having more appropriate social interactions with kids and how her language just seems to be blossoming more at school. She said A has more “typical” conversations, appropriate tone, correct usage of pronouns…she said that she can’t keep up with all of the good language progress that she hears throughout the day. So exciting to hear and I know that you know how special that is to hear from your child’s teacher."


"In March of 2013 my husband began treatment with Laura. He had been experiencing intense panic attacks and anxiety that left him feeling paralyzed. He was unable to leave our home. He also experienced tightness in his chest , an inability to take a deep breath and serious heart burn. He felt as if he may never be able to work again.

His doctor sent him for chest x-rays, pulmonary testing and to see heart specialists. They were unable to find anything wrong with him but prescribed Lorazepam for his anxiety, Dexilant for acid reflux, along with numerous inhalers. None of the medications helped.

After careful analysis of his case, Laura was able to identify the cause of his condition as being the bronchitis/flu that he had in December of 2012. She concluded that he had never successfully gotten over it and this combined with the use of Zithromax and a rescue inhaler had exasperated his condition leading to the anxiety and panic.

Laura used remedies to reverse the damage done by the medications and the bronchitis/flu and my husband’s anxiety and panic subsided. His breathing normalized and he has been able to return to work."

Michelle D.  

"Before I started seeing Laura I used to have anxiety and stomach aches all of the time. I know longer have any anxiety and when I get stomach aches, I take my droppers and I feel better quickly."

Talia, Age: 11

"Since starting drops from Laura whenever I get anxiety I take my nervous dropper and about 15 minutes later I feel happy and worry free. I feel like I live life to the fullest with that dropper."

Tucker, Age: 15

Other success stories:

“Laura! I am happy to announce that I feel more confident, I am not crying all the time and I can smell!!! My sense of smell has returned!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Also my memory is returning!!! I felt stuck in some areas and it is now flowing!!!! I can only imagine how much better this will get!!!!”  


"I started struggling with a set of symptoms during my teenage years that slowly worsened, resulting in an inability to function in life by my mid twenties. My primary care physician's approach had been to prescribe pharmaceuticals, which rarely helped, or to simply dismiss the symptoms altogether. I came to Laura in desperation, wanting to try a new treatment approach. I didn't believe that I was a "lost cause" and that I needed to suffer with these issues forever, and neither did Laura. In our first session, she listened with compassion and demonstrated a knowledge of what I was going through, and for the first time, a confidence that I could feel better.

The main symptoms that I came to Laura with were: extreme fatigue (not able to work or do basic tasks), yeast infections, digestive issues, dizziness, insomnia/sleep problems, intermittent hair loss, depression, anxiety, ADHD, food intolerances, problems with addiction, interpersonal relationship problems, TMJ, and many more small and unexplainable symptoms.

Since starting treatment with Laura, I feel like a different person. I no longer take any medications for my anxiety/depression or ADHD, and feel confident that I will not need them in the future. My main physical symptoms have cleared up or improved greatly. I had forgotten what it felt like to have a normal level of energy! I feel like I am peeling back layers of trauma and enjoying the emergence of what I remember to be my true self.

Years of therapy and treatment with medications never brought me the true healing that I have experienced working with Laura. Heilkunst Homeopathy is safe, effective, and results in true, lasting health, instead of the quick-fix or band-aid approach to treatment that simply suppresses symptoms. Laura is professional, knowledgeable, intuitive, and very warm-hearted. She has seen me at my worst, both physically and mentally, and has always treated me like a capable individual, never losing her confidence that I could find health again. I would highly recommend working with Laura!"

Mary M.

"Laura is an incredibly gifted practitioner. She is full of vast knowledge from her education, and this combined with her incredible intuition and heart space have created a healing journey like no other I have ever been on! She is deeply committed and forever available. I am blessed that our paths have crossed and am honored to work with her."

Sarah J.

"Four years ago, my health had hit rock bottom and I had exhausted every possible medical resource I could think of. I didn’t know where to turn.

I had digestive problems, extreme bloating, food intolerances, fluid retention, extreme fatigue, weakened immune system, loss of menses and literally zero reproductive hormones (at age 43) showing in my blood work.

I went to so many doctors and went through a battery of tests. I tried their diets, took their prescriptions, was told I might have some sort of bone cancer, or I might be allergic to my house and may need to vacate it and leave everything in it behind. I was contemplating walking into the ER at Mass General Hospital and saying “just please fix me. Somebody figure this out!” I hadn’t been normal in over a year.

I found Laura through a friend. When we first sat down, I was skeptical, but willing to try anything. One of the first things that we remedied via the Heilkunst Homeopathy method was a relationship that had recently ended. It only took that one remedy to make me a believer. The physical effects of the healing reaction I experienced from this emotional trauma were very real and quickly proved to me how a variety of life traumas all affect our living biome.

At this point, I am almost halfway through the lifetime of traumas in my timeline, and my son is now through his entire timeline, back to his birth. Prior to beginning treatment my son struggled with behavioral problems that affected his ability to be successful in school and disrupted our home life. He struggled with frustration and rage that clearly wasn’t within his control, leaving him feeling badly about himself. Now, after completing his timeline he is calm and able to control his emotions. His self- esteem is being restored due to his successes in school and a more peaceful home life.

This journey has not only corrected what I thought was irreparable physical damage, but taught me so much about myself. Laura has become the key provider for all of our healthcare needs. At times, when faced with physical illnesses within my family, I’ve been on the fence about whether or not to seek western medicine, but always come back to the successes we’ve experienced thus far.

I think you have to come to the realization that for the most part, our culture is desperate to band-aid every ailment, and western medicine does a good job of doing just that. Heilkunst homeopathy and similar alternative medicinal practices, seek to restore and bring balance back to the living organism to eliminate the need for band aids.

With Laura in our lives, I know that I can seek advice quickly and that she will stay consistent in working with me until the current situation is being treated appropriately with Heilkunst. She is extremely responsive and her experience and thoroughness enables her to diagnose efficiently via targeted questions, so that relief can come quickly. Remedies she has provided have resulted in pronounced relief within literally 15 -20 minutes. Beyond this, Laura has compassion for her patients and cares in a way that lets you know you’re as important to her world as she is to yours. I have shared some of my deepest, most personal experiences with her because of the level of trust and faith I have in her. She always remains open to my thoughts, and I know that even if I’m in doubt about something about the path I’m taking, she will take the time to help me understand the basis for the disease energy.

I always tell people… if you’re a doubter of how Heilkunst works, watching a remedy kick in within a matter of minutes of administering, is all the proof I need. There’s no placebo effect with kids. They don’t know how they’re supposed to feel or that a remedy they're being given is supposed to make specific symptoms dissipate. You can literally see the change right before your eyes!"

Lisa Clifford

"Laura, all I can say is wow what an amazing journey of self discovery this has been for me. I had no idea the highs would be so high and lows so low. I have learned through this process that the lows are only temporary and that the other side makes it so worthwhile. Your unwavering support throughout the process has been nothing short of remarkable. I am thankful everyday for the work you do, as you are truly a blessing to anyone looking for real healing!"


"Working with Laura has brought about an incredible transformation on my journey to a healthy balanced body and mind. I have integrated many forms of holistic healing over the years but it was not until I began working with Heilkunst that I began to understand the energetic link to the disease patterns in the body - and the importance of fully clearing disease energy from the body. I have been working with Laura for over one year and I will continue to work with her for years to come. When I began this journey I was depleted from several compounded stressful situations and a lifetime of digestive and hormonal imbalances. For the first time in years I am feeling both physically and emotionally balanced and my overall outlook on life has improved tremendously. I have renewed energy and sense of purpose, but most importantly I feel balanced again. This process is not a quick fix to treat symptoms - it is a form of clearing disease energy from the body over time and it should be done with a conscious, attentive, and highly trained practitioner like Laura. I am so grateful to have been introduced to both Laura and to Heilkunst Homeopathy.” 


When I was first introduced to Laura and Heilkunst three years ago I honestly had no idea what this modality of healing was all about. Laura and Heilkunst have truly opened my eyes to a whole new way of healing, healing of your mind, body and soul.

Heilkunst is a very difficult modality to explain to anyone and when I first started working with Laura, getting my timeline ready and getting my first droppers, I was truly questioning what the heck I was doing but when I saw the first results of healing, I was truly amazed and continue to be amazed by Laura and Heilkunst every day.

It can be hard work at times and working through healing reactions can be quite dramatic and uncomfortable both physically and emotionally but as Laura and another friend going through Heilkunst say, "it is all good" and they are right and I can truly say, "it is all good"!

When I met Laura I had been suffering for years with digestive issues, high blood pressure, joint pains, Lichen Sclerosis, Plantar Fibromatosis, obesity and emotional over eating and was always in a state of depression.

Well since meeting Laura and doing Heilkunst we are working on getting to the root of these problems and peeling away all the blockages of energy causing all of these problems and I can say that this modality has helped me enormously in all these areas and we are still working on getting to the roots of some of these problems that are deeper than we can imagine.

Modern medicine and medications such as antidepressants just mask the symptoms that we have had all our lives but Laura and Heilkunst treat these symptoms and the trauma of our entire lives.

I am happy to say that I am feeling better physically and emotionally and I am weaning off the antidepressants, due to the side effects they cause and some day I am hoping to be off of my blood pressure medications as well.

I am definitely eating much cleaner and better and really trying to stay off sugar and grains and this has helped immensely with my digestive problems.

Laura is an awesome person and healer and I feel she has gone above and beyond in the past three years to help me on this journey to know my truer self and with these problems that I brought to her and Heilkunst. She is such a caring and compassionate person and I highly recommend her and this alternate modality of healing.

Thanks Laura, as I have said many times, you are the best and I love you and what you have done for me, and continue to do to help me, and so many other fortunate people that know you, and that are treated by you.

Thank you for all of your gifts as they are truly appreciated by me everyday!

Jo V.

"When I first started seeing Laura I was struggling with many physical and emotional symptoms that had accumulated over time. My greatest struggles were with self -destructive behaviors that stemmed from childhood abuse, manifested as addictions to alcohol, cigarettes and food.

By the age of 25, I suffered a stroke that affected the left side of my body. I felt as if my aging process had accelerated significantly and that I was on the road to developing Multiple Sclerosis or Cancer as I was exhibiting many of the classic symptoms. I spend the majority of my time feeling exhausted and sick.

My long list of ailments included: constipation, headaches, nausea, brain fog, burning sensations in my throat, numbness and twitching in my body, insomnia, night terrors, short periods of paralysis in my hands, debilitating menses, systemic candida, leaky gut, and back pain due to scoliosis.

Emotionally, I struggled with feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness that crippled my everyday life. I experienced mood swings that left me feeling short tempered, fearful, grief stricken and reactive.

Shortly after beginning treatment, I could feel things were beginning to shift on many levels and as treatment continued my life changed. I now walk in self-love and “I am” the most empowered I have ever been in my life! When I meet new people they are shocked to hear my story, as I am no longer a victim. My history no longer defines me and it no longer controls my thoughts, feelings or actions. I look great, my energy is magnetic and I am an example of and an inspiration for self- love to others.

This treatment freed me from self- judgment and from the impulse to judge other’s as I now know that most of what we are all dealing with is energetic and trauma based. We need to choose to release it and remedies gave me the means to do that.

Prior to beginning treatment, I had spent years looking for ways to let go of trauma and heal my life with minor shifts that left me feeling defeated due to the excessive time, energy and expenses needed to sustain the changes. Now I know that I could not have maintained the changes or expanded upon them because I was only dealing with the symptoms on the surface and not the deeper causes. I needed Laura’s help and the use of the remedies. My quality of life was lacking and I was sick and tired of fighting harder than I needed to with only minimal results.

Since working with Laura, I no longer resonate with self -destructive behaviors. I have eliminated alcohol, cigarettes, and sugar and have sustained this lifestyle for several years. I experience healthy digestion and elimination now. Nearly all of my physical symptoms have disappeared.

Since beginning treatment with Laura, I have not been to a doctor’s office or hospital in three years. I have not needed any prescription or over the counter medications because I rely solely on remedies when symptoms arise.

Heilkunst is a treatment modality that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. This system of medicine has empowered me to use remedies to remove my suffering, without needing to suppress the causes. I know that I am releasing my symptoms permanently and I am fully supported by Laura in the process. I can always count on Laura for support with whatever it is that I am going through whether it is physical, spiritual or emotional. Laura is on call for support as needed. I have never been abandoned or misled by her. I owe my health and sanity to Laura and this medicine."

Taylor N.


Before & After:  

(First picture taken 1/19/18 and second 1/26/18)

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