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What is Disease?

All solid matter is made up of fast moving particles of energy. This means that the physical body as well as the disease that affects it are made of energy.

We are led to believe that the symptoms we experience are the disease, when in actuality it is the energy producing the symptoms that needs to be addressed in order for the body to return to a state of health.

This is demonstrated time and time again in cases of cancer where tumors are removed and other treatments are implemented to address the pathology. Once the pathology is removed or destroyed we are told the cancer is gone only to see it return in time.

Disease is a dynamic entity which infiltrates the generative side of our life force. This infiltration is much like an impregnation. Once it has taken up residence, it will remain with us unless a remedy, given according to principles based on the law of similar resonance is taken to remove it.

Over time, multiple disease energies take up shop causing an obstruction in the flow of life energy affecting the state of mind while creating symptoms, feelings, sensations and circumstances.

These blockages can be remediated by administering an energetic remedy, similar to the disease energy, but slightly greater in intensity. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy often referred to the remedy as an "artificial disease". When the "artificial disease" energy meets the true disease energy it is destroyed. This happens the moment a remedy is ingested. 

Disease vs. Imbalance:

Our life force consists of two sides; the generative side where disease energies impregnate and the sustentative side which is responsible for maintaining balance within the body.

Sometimes imbalances occur and will create symptoms. These symptoms can be mistaken for disease. Imbalances are corrected by the adding or the taking away of something. For instance, someone may simply need to alter their diet, acquire more sleep or hydration, detoxify or add a supplement based on the needs of their unique biochemistry in order to restore balance. This realm of treatment operates on the Law of Opposites.

A label is not a disease: 

Labels such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, and depression are used to describe groups of symptoms. Patients find solace, thinking that because there is a label for their collection of symptoms that there is an understanding of their condition and therefore a solution. Instead, medications are commonly offered to suppress or palliate symptoms, complicating issues and often resulting in a more complex symptom picture.

These labels are not true diseases. They are conditions resulting from energetic blockages caused by a lifetime of physical and emotional traumas as well as inherited influences. They often have multiple causes which are distinct to each person. No two cases of any condition are the same and therefore will have different cause(s) and will require remediation that is unique.

An individualized approach that deals with the energetic blockages will gradually reduce the energetic body burden leading to restoration of health. 

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