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Consultation Fees:

Initial consultations: $300.00 (60-90 minutes).

Follow-up visits will be every 4-6 weeks and will last from 30-60 minutes.

60 minute follow-up consultations: $150.00

30 minute follow-up consultations: $90.00

Fees for additional family members:

Initial consultation: $275.00

60 minute follow-up: $125.00

30 minute follow-up: $75.00

Acute care fees:

Established patients: $40.00

Non-patients: $90.00 (30 minutes)

What is included:

Postage is not included, $6.00 flat rate fee within the United States.

Cancellation Policy:

Notification of a cancellation must be given 24 hours prior to appointments or the patient will be charged.


Consultations can be done in person or remotely via phone.

New patient forms must be submitted prior to first consultation.

Payments can be made by cash or check on the day of the consultation or mailed after a remote consultation. Credit card payments are accepted.

IonCleanse foot baths:

$35.00 for a 30 minute session

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