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Local Healing Support:

All individuals listed below are familiar with the Heilkunst healing process and are available to support your journey toward true health.

Family and Individual Counseling Services,

Sand Tray Therapy:

Kaye Lawrence M.S.,LCPC, NCC

Pownal, Maine

(207) 329-3784

Lymphatic Massage:

Eileen Beasley

Falmouth, Maine

(207) 874-6971

Reiki Practitioners:

Deb Burk

(Energy Healing for Pets and their People)

Dresden, Maine

(207) 592-8589


Emily Davidson

Portland, Maine

(207) 370-2174

Reading Resources:

A Path to Cure, The Whole Art of Healing

by: Allyson McQuinn DHHP, DMH

Autism The Journey Back, Recovering The Self Through Heilkunst

by: Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith DHHP, DMH

Beyond The Looking Glass

by: Andrea Coulter DHHP, DMH

The Forbidden Truth About Vitamins, What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

by: Alexsandra Mikic DHHP, DMH, DPh

Water & Salt, The Essence of Life

by: Dr. med. Barbara Hendel, Peter Ferreira

Your Body's Many Cries for Water, You're not sick; you're thirsty-Don't Treat Thirst with Medication

by: F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

Nourishing Traditions

by: Sally Fallon

How To Raise A Healthy Child...In Spite Of Your Doctor

by: Robert S. Mendelson, M.D


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