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How to prepare a traumatic timeline:

As part of treatment, the patient is asked to create a traumatic timeline for their life. All traumas should be in chronological order starting with the most recent traumas first.

The timeline should consist of both physical and emotional traumas.

Physical traumas include: medical procedures such as surgeries, vaccines, broken bones, X-rays, sonograms, EEG's, MRI's, Cat scans, car accidents, dental work, drug use--prescription and recreational, hormones (birth control pills), physical abuse, birth trauma, traumas to your mother while she was pregnant with you (sonograms, vaccines she received while pregnant), etc.

Emotional traumas include:  death of family, friends and pets, divorce, loss of job, traumatic life changes, emotional abuse.

Any trauma that included feelings of :

* grief, abandonment, sadness, loss, betrayal, holding on to past hurts

* anger, resentment, humiliation, indignation, victimization, violation

* fear, terror, shock

* jealousy, envy, suspicion, shame, self-blame, self-persecution, sensations of not being good enough, a lesser person.

(Some emotional traumas may include one or more of these emotions.)

Patient Timeline Example:

Nov. 2020: Gallbladder surgery, pain medication, feelings of fear

Oct. 2020: X-ray

Jun. 2019: Death of grandmother--feeling of sadness and grief

Jan. 2019: Amoxicillin for sinus infection

Feb. 2018: Lost job, feeling of humiliation, not feeling good enough

Mar. 2017: Slipped on ice, broke collar bone, pain medication, feelings of shock

May 2016: dental X-rays, 2 fillings-mercury, novocaine

Jun. 2014: Divorced--feelings of anger, betrayal, sadness, shock

Feb. 2012: Surgery, pain medication, IV, inhaled anesthesia, feelings of fear

Apr. 2011: Tetnus shot, cut hand with a piece of glass, stitches

Jul. 2009: Flu vaccine

The easiest way to prepare the timeline is to access your medical and dental records. Pharmacies have a printable history of prescription medications that have been dispensed. Insurance companies also have printable records of all procedures, doctor visits and prescriptions they have covered.

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